Freedom in Boundaries?

Beauty found in boundaries is a fascinating concept. When a make-up artist goes to work she uses boundaries and colors within the lines to make a face look beautiful. She uses lip liner to keep the beautiful rich color on the lips, so it doesn’t bleed into the skin around the mouth. She also keeps the eye shadow to angles within the boundaries of the eyelid below the eyebrow.

Another perfect example is found in nature. We love beaches and see them as a powerful sign of beauty, especially when you add a sunrise to the visual. When the boundaries of the beach are breached it turns into disaster and chaos. The beach loses the initial beauty because the water that was once beautiful and pleasant to look at becomes destructive to those around it.

IMG_6724There seems to be an idea in our culture now where things and people are confused and I bring this up because I’ve found it to be one of the biggest hindrances to real and true beauty in the purest form. This idea that we all selfishly do what we want and everything is going to turn out ok seems to be really common now. We’ve lost the perspective of living life backwards. If we live like this not worrying about a destination where will life leave us 40 years from now? Though we have an obsession with staying young and denying the fact of aging, what if we thought more about where our decisions will leave us one day? Knowing what we want our destination to be will bring so much more beauty into the present moment. The opposite mindset of wisdom, is something we now know as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It is an obsession on having the most fun in the present moment. I remember the moment a couple years ago, where I realized I was living in a nightmare because I was living a life that culture was labeling and selling as meaningful but I couldn’t quite figure out what went wrong and why I was so depressed…  We have been told by advertising and culture that the answer to self fulfillment is to find self fulfillment in being beautiful, traveling and generally being cool.

When we live to consume things and people, rather than consume life by making real love and relationships than one day we wake up and wonder what happened when the wonder is gone. In his book The Trouble with Paris Mark Sayers states it this way: ” As our Western culture has moved away from the religious and spiritual beliefs that have given us solace, meaning and direction, we have not necessarily stopped acting religiously… Hyperconsumerism is what we really place our faith in to deliver a meaningful and fulfilled life in the here and now…. If we are to define religion as the worldview and beliefs that determine our identity, actions, and hope, then hyperconsumerism is the biggest church in town.”  He defines hyperconsumerism as a framework of thinking where the whole of life becomes like going to a shopping mall. Our need for identity is no longer found in our divine creation, but in the things we consume.

Begin to look for this way of thinking in your life and find some freedom in the journey of beauty by developing a more self aware mindset of what will destroy the wonder we so desperately want to recapture.  The moments money can’t buy.

More to come…

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  1. Thanks for this great post, Robert. This confusion about boundaries has really held back my emotional development, and has been very hard to get a handle on.

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