The first home

As a young woman that has moved around quite a bit it has been a rare occasion to find a little place to call home over the last decade since my college years. It fascinates me to look at the book of Genesis and realize that the first home that existed for the first woman Eve was a garden. I see the traces of that left in the things I observe myself and other woman seek and consider beautiful. A spectrum of colors, natural daylight, bright colors, fresh flowers and plants throughout. Though most of us don’t live outside we feel this deep and beautiful connection to the outdoors. Moments of solitude that we wish to find here.



  1. 4th paragraph ma yes sarnachama ko pani khasai auchitye rahana chaina hunu parne ma asttityorahane chaina, huna gayeko ma chyama ! Kripaya sachyayera padhidinu hola.

  2. I love this and It’s so true…. The little feminine touches being a reflection back to the garden. I’ve never thought of that before.

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